SEZ’s opportunities

We have done everything for technology companies in Innopolis SEZ  to conduct their business profitably and efficiently. Tax benefits, innovative infrastructure, human resources support from the SEZ, the availability of the University, and the opportunity to test the latest technologies before they are brought to market and cooperate with other developers - all this ensures a comfortable environment for work in Innopolis.


Services of Innopolis SEZ for IT companies


For residents

  • professional staffing
  • preferential rent and purchase of housing
  • holding and participation in events
  • staff training
  • tax benefits

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For startups

  • co-working services
  • up to 600,000 rubles in services and bonuses
  • advisory for startups
  • participation in key events

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For partners

  • hosting and participation in events
  • professional recruitment
  • access to technological innovations

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Professional staffing

The SEZ recruitment center is looking for the necessary specialists, including systems of architects and project managers, all over Russia and countries for projects implemented in Innopolis CIS, free of charge. Companies are inviting graduates of Innopolis University, which knows the current needs of the business and builds training so that companies minimize the resources for the adaptation of newcomers.


Privileged rent and purchase of housing

Employees of the SEZ "Innopolis" companies have the opportunity to rent or purchase modern comfortable housing on the territory of Innopolis on preferential terms - from apartments in apartment buildings to town houses and cottages.

Attraction of foreign specialists

According to Russian legislation, the quota for the issuance of invitations to foreign citizens to enter the Russian Federation in order to carry out labor activities and the quota for the issuance of work permits to foreign citizens does not apply to highly qualified specialists and their family members. Such a specialist is a foreign citizen with experience in the relevant field and with a salary of at least 700 thousand rubles per year.


Service approach to the residents' activity

Employees of the management company of the SEZ "Innopolis" provide companies with ongoing support and administration of their activities in the SEZ, starting with the application process for obtaining a resident status. The team responds as quickly as possible to the requests of residents and helps with all issues and constantly develops and improves services for the efficient and convenient work of companies and startups.


Tax privileges

2%tax for companies on OSNO

  • federal part 2% from 2018
  • regional part 0% in the first 5 years
  • 5% next 5 years
  • 13.5% after 10 years

1%tax for companies on simplified tax system

  • 1% for organizations using the simplified tax system Profit
  • 5% for organizations on USN Profit minus expenses

0%property taxes

  • property
  • transport
  • land 


Office Rental


Comfortable Class A office space, individual offices and open-space up to 1400 m2 with meeting rooms, office and cushioned furniture

Modern engineering and security systems. 

Turnkey office renovation - from 1500 rubles per m2

Concessionary rent: conference hall, exhibition premises, lecture-rooms, meeting rooms.

Office rental rates:

RENTAL AREA                       RENTAL RATE*

up to 700 m²                                       810 rub.

from 700 to 1400 m²                         740 rub.

from 1400 m²                                      665 rub.

*Rate per 1 sq.m per month, including VAT (includes cost of public utilities and exploitation services)


Land lease


Residents of Innopolis SEZ may lease a land plot for the construction of their own office or production building on special terms. Innopolis SEZ conducts the necessary engineering networks to the resident's land plot and connects to them at preferential rates. After the construction is completed, the resident may acquire the land plot into ownership.

from 53 195 rub

Rental price of 1 hectare in the first year

~ 997 410 rub

The cost of redemption of 1 hectare of Innopolis SEZ in Verkhneuslonsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan


Important conditions

Who can become a resident of Innopolis SEZ?

The main requirement - a company or an individual entrepreneur, applying for the resident status, must be legally registered on the territory of Verkhneuslonsky or Laishevsky district of Tatarstan and work on the territory of Innopolis.  

The second condition is that the company's profile must fall under the definition of techno-promotional activity. The law has detailed wording, but in simple words, it means:

- to create or produce any innovative devices, in general, we are talking about almost everything called "hardware";

- develop software in the broadest sense: from CMS for websites and databases to operating systems;

- provide software configuration and implementation services.


The procedure
to obtain a status

1 stage


The applicant for resident status submits a set of application documents.

2 stage

Project presentation

Applicant makes a presentation of the investment project at the Expert Council of Innopolis SEZ, and then at the Supervisory Council. In case the business plan of the project provides for the amount of investment less than 30 million rubles and doesn't require the allotment of a land plot, the application is considered by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.

3 stage

Signing of the agreement and registration

In case of a positive decision on the investment project the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan prepares and sends to the applicant and Innopolis SEZ JSC the agreement on the activities in the SEZ Innopolis for signing.


List of documents Download the required application forms

Sample application to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Tatarstan

Application for conclusion of the agreement on innovation activity in the SEZ territory

The business-plan in the form approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Order № 75, dated March 23, 2006.
Download a sample
Constituent documents

Copies of constituent documents (for legal entities)
Copy of the certificate of state registration
Copy of the certificate of registration with a tax authority


SEZ Innopolis
420500, Innopolis, Universitetskaya st. 7

8 (843) 294-91-34

[email protected]